New equipment idea (increased penetration)

Improved Propellant Charges

  • Category: Firepower
  • Increases shell velocity and penetration by 10% (11.5% in a matching slot)
  • Only affects AP and APCR shells (since the other types are chemical)
  • Cost: 50k/200k/600k, same as other equipment
  • Bounty and Experimental versions available, boosting by 12.5% and 13.5% respectively (Experimental costs 4000 bonds)
  • Possibly also a directive (Classified Propellant Mixture) that adds another 2.5% and costs 12 bonds

I think this would be great for the game, because it alleviates the issue of having to fire gold at certain tanks in a balanced way. It will give low-pen tanks more of a fighting chance. However, it doesn't affect chemical shells, which is both realistic and a good balancing factor (otherwise, 183mm HESH would have up to 261mm and the Jag100's HEAT would have up to 477). Also, it obviously takes up an equipment slot, further balancing itself. I think this would be a better choice than nerfing the armor of certain tanks, since that would devalue the tank in question under all circumstances.

Please leave any questions and constructive criticism below.


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