New Homefront MM, good for winning, bad for points.

Hi guys. I played the new Homefront MM, and I just want to share my thoughts.

The basic is, we limited to 84 battles maximum, and need 4000 points for both equipments. That's mean, we need average 50 points. In theory, you do less in the beginning, around 27 on a 4 wave win, than do more (100), on a top tier win.

Previous version of the MM is hard to win. If you have only one tier 3 player, you in T3 battle, and probably lose. I lost 90% of my battles at T3, but mostly managed to reach wave 9. My average points until yesterday 63.1 points. That's is in the required range.

Yesterday new MM changed that. I played 10 battles. I won all of the battles, I'm top damage in every single one. The problem, 9 out of 10 is T2. So we get only 50 points for the win. My average yesterday is 53.4 points. Only in the one T3 battle, when I get more than 51 points.

Even with winning every single time, getting both equipments is more difficult. If you are a free to play player, you lose some point on a 4 wave games. You do 27, not 50. To get the "lost points" back, you have to play T3 battles. But because even a 3xTier2 and 2xTiet3 is a T2 battle, you can't. Your maximum is 50 points, so you can't unlock both equipments anymore. You don't placed in T3 battles enough to do it.

And we assume you win EVERY SINGLE OF THE 84 BATTLES.

I probably still can get both equipments. I'm already over the 50 points cut off, and if I manage keep winning, I'm okay. But the players who grind from Tier1, and "lose" half of the required 50 points, even on a Win, I feel for you. You must start prioritize, which equipment you want, because most likely, you don't have enough battles to get both.

I hope it's helpful.


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