New hp pool

Imo these changes are needed:
– slightly better reload (controversial)and more bullets in oneshot yeet tanks like hetzer or Kv2.
This applies to altoloaders with the same capebility
-buff tanks with very low dpm (seriously amx 40 has like 1000 dmg with op crew and all equipment, maybe 1100, but normal pepole Will never retrain their crew and put equipment for a tier 4 tank
-more hp for some other tanks: amx 40 is still a Great Example. Some tanks need more hp to be balanced. (Seriously m2 medium only has ≈380hp

-new tanks are op.
-some tanks chaged tiers like the Valentine at. But now there are 2 tier4 british non golden tds in the game while no tier 3. Just sent alechto to tier 3 with some nerfs and there gonna be still enough tier 3 tds, while not too much tier 4 dts. Same applies to some class changes.

(Sorry for bad grammar and format, i'm on pfone and my aurocorrect is not english)


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