New idea for new heavy tanks

I had an idea yesterday for a new heavy tank line branching off from the ARL 44. heres the line's details.

the main feature of these vehicles is their ability to use more than 1 gun. gun modules will now show the main gun caliber, then the secondary gun caliber after it , arranged in this manner: for example, 100/45.


AMX tracteur C

ARL tracteur C


Tier VII- 2C

A French super heavy tank conceptualized in 1916, the tank was very impressive for the time, being able to shrug off HE fired from artillery. the vehicle featured 2 turrets, a 75mm fortress cannon in the main turret, and an 8mm Schneider machine gun. in game it would be a large, slow moving target boasting a very large amount of HP. stock, it can only penetrate light tanks, but later has the option to mount other weapons, including a 105/45 mm and a 155/45 mm. the vehicle is slow when stock, so it is of importance to get the 1100 hp engine first.

top specifications:

gun: 105/45 mm Schneider

turret: ARL 7/8

top speed: 35 kph

radio: idk, just whatever radio there is

HP: 2250

Tier VIII/IX- AMX/ARL tracteur C.

2 separate 105/45 mm-armed tanks from AMX and ARL were to compete with the FCM F1, using similar components. They were to weigh 140 tons when built. in the game, no engine modifications would be made to the vehicles of tiers 8-10, as they all used the same engine.

Top specifications:

gun: AMX: 105/45 SchneiderARL:120mm SA46/45mm SA35

turret: FCM F1

top speed: AMX: 25 kph ARL: 20 kph

radio: same as 2C

HP: AMX: 2675 ARL: 3000

Tier X- F1

This tank ended up becoming the successor to the 2C, but before any could be built, France fell.

In game, it mounts the same gun as the Foch 155, coupled to a 75 mm for a secondary. this tank has the same speed as the 2C when that was stock, but should be feared by anyone for it's 4500 HP.


Gun: 155mm SA48/75mm SA44

turret: FCM F1

top speed: 19 kph

radio: same as 2C

HP: 4500

so, this is what i think it should look like. feel free to leave any comments or suggestions! i will happily take those into consideration and edit accordingly.


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