New player here, just few thoughts.

TL:DR: arties are killing my will to play, looking for suggestions on how to deal with them.

Heya all,

Nice to meet you all, first post in this community.
I joined world of tanks in the last two months and I’ve playing no stop, I know the game has issues but for me it’s been extremely good.

Until now.

I love playing heavies, I’ve reached 1.2k games and arties are killing my will to play.
I understand that arties must exist in the game to solve also some stall situations, but getting fired and perma tracked every sec by 3 different arties is pure cancer.
What bothers me is that you have no freaking counterplay.. Hug a wall/building? Doesn’t matter you will get hit, hug a rock or hide? Sometimes it’s impossible, especially if you play heavies.

Now that I’m approaching tier 7-8 I just see entire games where everybody is hiding and camping when there are 3 arties, because the first one to get spotted would get immediately blasted and killed.

Last game I played there was a platoon of three arts.. tunnel visioning the first thing that would appear on their screen, they even ignored the light that was going to flank em on their right because they were busy killing others. Best part? They suicided. I mean, what kind of mental problem do you have to do something like this?

I brought two friends with me, one already left cause he is tired of this situation and he is not having fun anymore, the other one left after getting stomped by players with 50k games playing low tiers with supercrew and goldspam (but this is another story).

Except for the rant, I accept, of course any suggestions on how to deal with them,before leaving this game for months.

Thank you all.


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