New Player Perspective.

Hello all, I am fairly new, and would like to add some input that I think would be valuable to retain players like myself. First things first, I think the game can be fun, and the moments where its you versus an opponent for all the chips is really awesome. However, my main beef is with matchmaking, why am I playing two tiers higher? Often times not only am I playing someone that is in a better tank, they have WAY more experience than me with a much higher "Rating" yet I am still in the match at a disadvantage? Uhm, that doesn't make me want to stay and play the game though? It just makes me not give a shit and go play something else like the four other friends of mine that I initially had play the game with me. I guess I am stubborn. I dunno.. my final point is statistics and probability of matchmaking using any sort of rating system. I played 60 games today, lost 40 of them which some would say well, it's because you were a bad player, however that is not how rating systems work, if it was working as intended a rating system would then match me against other players of the same rating, so I do not believe that is what is going on here. I think they do not have a rating matchmaking system I think it is something way more simple and worse which is time based and nothing to do with rating matchmaking.

So why is this important from a business point of view never mind that it is not very fun, well ok so you have a nerd like the guy I screen shotted below in my last match, he plays a lot of games it is assuming he is probably able to generate a ton of credits, so he is also assumed to be firing "gold shells" which at tier III its a massive advantage, however he is not spending any money, he is likely just using a premium account sub which we will say for simplistic reasons is five bucks. OK, so myself and my friends could have got this same account if we were having fun… sadly that wont happen so in able to keep this guy that likely dwells in tier 3 and 4 80k+ battles and all you let him que into tiers that he has such an advantage he is on a level playing field finally. Kinda scummy but ok, you just missed out on the chance to make 25 bucks for 5 bucks? I just don't think wargaming has actually done the math on this lol.

So here is my solution, you put a battle cap on tiers 3 and below. Once you hit 5k battles you can no longer que into tier 3 and automatically get a tier 4 tank for a new nation's tech tree. Let the lower tiers get to actually be enjoyed by new players.


You have a under 5k battle que, so once you hit 5k battles the regular random que becomes available. That way you retain both types of players new players and these sweatys, just let the sweatys play against sweatys is all.


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