New tech tree idea

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this as a long time World of tanks player and also a lover for my own country and the game. Me and a couple of friends in the portuguese community of World of Tanks would all love to see our nation represented in the game. I'm sure Wargaming could make it happen somehow, we have a long history of wars and I'm sure Wargaming could adapt or make up some tanks that would represent the portuguese nation! We even have available an American Arty that everyone would love :)!

Now, I don't think Portugal created any tanks but rather buys them 2nd hand to other countries, like the EBR's to France, Leopards to Germany and even some American ones. But as I said, I'm sure Wargaming could pull it off!

Please upvote guys so we can get our dream atleast seen by someone at Wargaming :)!

I'll leave you with a picture of everyones favorite tank!



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