Newish player and 8k bonds. How should I spend?

Hello all! My wot account is ancient so I've been accrewing a large amount of rewards on my account, but I have less than 150 battles played. I just re-downloaded wot a few days ago and I've been having a good amount of fun, but for the most part I've been ignoring my rewards and just playing normally. However, I realized today that I have just over 8k bonds and that is apparently a sizable amount. I've been eyeing a credit grinder and knowing that I can get a T8 prem for bonds makes it difficult to resist.

What do you recommend doing with the bonds? Should I pick up a T8 bond tank? Should I save it for higher tier vehicle? Are there other better uses?

As for newish player, well I have 5k battles on wot blitz from before I had a pc about 5 years ago. I haven't really played wot since because I switched to war thunder and later wows. Not being able to transfer my wotb account to wot on pc turned me off from the game for a long time, although it's understandable why it isn't allowed.

Also if anyone knows of useful vids I should watch to catch up with wot, shoot me a link. It'll be greatly appreciated. A lot has changed it seems… the tech trees for sure.


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