No speed, no gun depression, not an autoloader – you’re loser!

Have you noticed Wargaming's trends lately: speed, gun depression & autoloader? You don't have any – you can't have a good battle. And they are making new maps to struggle you more!

Completely standart battle in a new shitty Berlin map: 3 arties per team, 2 EBRs in enemy team, we got 1 EBR and one T-100LT. Two thirds of players hide in 4 squares of the map… And I took Jg.Pz. E100 to the battle (what a loser's choice) 🙂 Going south – suicide, going to the city with turretless tank – suicide.

Two other maps: Empire's Border and Peal River – same situation, Jg.Pz.E100 just don't fit in all of them. There are no positions where you can shoot, if there are – you are just too slow to get there. And there are much more old tanks that in today's game absolutely won't fit.

This game changed so much to the wrong side – they are creating new fast tanks so with older ones you're unable to compete against them. New 3 maps are complete misunderstanding – TDs cannot support ANY tanks (unless half of your team died and enemy attacks directly you). LTs spot for themselves, MT cannot flank and the team wins that have more tanks with better gun depression. I understand that they force us to buy new premium flexible tanks or grind new tank lines, but could Wargaming bring back the old status quo where all tank classes had their fundamental targets?

P.S. Battle result – killed E100 (did 169 dmg) and hit an EBR's wheel… Probably one BAD battle with BAD tank in BAD player's hands. Yeah right.


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