Noob Question . . .

A mate of mine let me play WoT on his rig over the weekend (I'm poor) and I'm quite hooked. We figured out I'd be a TD player (since I like to snipe, I like how varied they are and how much damage they do), and next time we link up after our schedules line up he wants me to let him know what tanks I think I'd be good with. Played with the Grille 15 and FV4005 and prefer the German TD.

That's when I found the Auf E-100. Turns out it was removed! Any word of it coming back anytime soon? The Foch is nice but I'm told it's been nerfed to hell and back despite retaining its magazine-thingy like the Auf. Friend says they MIGHT re-add the Auf E-100 but until then to "Focus on other TDs like the Jagd E-100 and T-59 'doomturtle' ". Whatever a doomturtle means. Keep in mind I'm new, so I have no idea how the community works other than Russians tanks are "biased". Oh–I don't like artillery. It's boring, and I can get the same type of gameplay from the Grille or other snipey TD with only slightly less damage and better speed.


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