Not Enough Hours in the Day… Sandbox and Common Test

I'm sure many of you will recognize yourself in this whine (because it is a whine) but with everything that WoT throws at us these days, I simply can't keep up. I thought I played this game for fun but it seems it is becoming a part-time job. It doesn't help that I started a second account on the EU server to play with my UK buddies and trying to blast through Battle Pass on two accounts is brutal, especially with a family and a full-time job. In actual fact, I will only complete 150 stages in total across the two accounts (100 on NA, 50 on EU). Luckily, the two clans I'm in require minimal commitment and the clan objectives/progress kind of just happen in the background. I certainly didn't have time to grind the mission marathon for the Kpz 07… that nasty little bastard!

However, I think my biggest issue is trying to take part in Sandbox testing and Common Test server. I'm the first to complain (it's a theme) when I hear players slating the proposed changes but have never actually taken part in the testing and given their feedback. Traditionally, I have always spent significant time on both Sandbox and CT servers but am finding it more and more difficult to find the time. This last test has come right at the end of Battle Pass and I feel bad that I simply can't make the time to participate.

Do you think that WG could better schedule these things better or is their intent simply to bombard us and keep us engaged in any possible way…?

Whine complete.


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