Not “understanding” map but still doing good


I'm here with a bit unusual question.. not gonna lie, I like having good stats and being good at games in general

In WoT I seem to be doing fine constatly having around 2600-3000wn8, sometimes higher sometimes lower but that's about where I usually get(unless I play obj.140/277 only but that's cheating)

I'm not here to flex though, there are better players out there and that's actually why I'm even writing this in the first place

So, despite doing pretty well, definitely above average, I never seem to understand minimap

I mostly use it to control my flank, see whether someone is peeking or whatever, very basic stuff, then I watch people like Skill or QB and they seem to actually analize the minimap, they think about losing one side, who has control where, what does it mean, what will probably happen in future

I just don't have capacity(or at least that's what I think right now) to do so and it honestly impresses me, I'm kind of jealous because it seems so fun to think about this game tactically, but whenever I go into battle myself all this magic disappears, I just drive to the spot I think will work and do my job

Like, I'm doing pretty well manually in this game, probably because I am kind of hardcore fps gamer most of the time, but I can't seem to use minimap as it is intended to be used, I literally either forget about it or look at it occassionally thinking, oh, there are some tanks on the other flank as well, outstanding

Is is only me being completely thoughtless muppet yet still doing great stat-wise despite 0IQ use of the minimap most of the time?

Maybe you have any advice on how to increase IQ enough to understand stuff? Or just how to cope with this problem, knowing this'd be cool as well


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