O-I 150mm AP memes.

It's freaking nutty. I don't remember this tanks gun being over the top when I first played it at release.

I swear I thought this thing had bad gun handling with the 150… Nope. Can still snipe the hull roof of Tiger 2 (c) easily for 700 damage on the second shot… and I use to hate this tank when playing through the line.

So lets look at what you get over the KV-2.

  • .19 when moving… Uhhh what? (.27 on KV-2)
  • .21 when hull traversing… Excuse me? (.27 on KV-2)
  • .56 accuracy… Again why is it more accurate? (.58 on KV-2)
  • 3.55 aim time… again FASTER then KV-2
  • 121 AP pen vs 110… seems small but that extra pen is rather noticeable on O-I. Especially when facing higher tiers. And I don't need to freaking pay 5.000 credits to get better AP pen. I get it right out of the box for a measly 500 credits… Which is cheaper then HE and a lot more consistent!
  • 1 second slower reload then KV-2 (lol? I'd take this nerf to get this stupidly good gun handling)
  • Actually have armor on O-I

700 alpha can still one shot tier 5's… even in the new health pool rebalance. Can also still one shot many tier 6's too. Most of the tier 6 TD's still have under 700 HP. Heck, even the mediums on high rolls can be one shotted…

To add insult to injury… Most tier 5's and tier 6's you face don't even have the armor to stop over-match. Or they just don't have the armor to actually stop 121 pen. So even if you can't one shot that tank. You can probably still delete most of it's health.

There is soooo many tier 5/6's with 30-45mm of armor… Where 149mm shell just over-matches all day long. I see more of these weak mediums then heavily armored crap… This tank is so dirty… and it now has 1060 health… While that KV-2 has 100 less…

The gun handling stats don't look like your russian mediums level of god tier gun handling… But when you actually play with the O-I… You find yourself not really having to aim much and the bloom is very little… Add that to a some how more accurate gun and… It's dirty. I still feel bad for that full health T-34 that thought he would be sneaky.

The reason why I'm advocating for AP use… Is that it's consistent. Most tanks don't have the armor… let alone armor that can stop over-match. The tanks gun handling is really good for what it does… Like extremely good.

I suppose most people would argue it's the size of it people have a hard time getting to grips with the tank. It's not easy but both tanks are huge regardless. As well as the speed… You are slower then KV-2. But really not that much slower… You do also have to know armor inside and out. I mean most vehicles in 5/6… and sometimes 7/8 don't even have the armor.. But the point I'm getting at… is that if you wana make the 150 work with AP on multiple occasions. Learn what armor you can over-match. Being a tall tank can help shoot through those engine decks… and with AP I don't need to worry if I shoot the side and hit tracks… I'll get that pen… Unlike HE where you're really rolling the dice.

At the end of the day, not saying the HE is useless. Never will be. I just find AP to be something I'm finding myself use more often, with that added amazing gun handling… What the hell. Since when do low tier derp guns get gun handling like this? It's better on the move gun handling then a M4 derp sherman.

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