Obj 268 v2 – possible tier 9

Possibly a reward tank or maybe usable as a replacement for the Obj 263 for more design continuity if they want to give it the FV215 and Foch 155 treatment.

Depiction of the Obj 268 v2 (left) beside Obj 268 v4 (right)

Gun should be a 152mm but they could also use the Obj 263's 130mm if they wanted to further differentiate it from the v4

  • Hull length: 6,675mm
  • Crew Size: 4
  • Casement front: 180mm @ 40 deg = 280mm effective
  • Casement bevels: 150mm @ 45deg =212mm effective (this is flat and doesn't take into acount the additional angle when looking at the tank head on)
  • Sides: 90mm
  • UFP: 75mm @ 75 deg = 290mm effective
  • Mid Frontal Plate: 180mm @ 60 deg = 208mm effective
  • LFP: 150 @ 25 deg = 355mm effective
  • Weight: 50t

These values are based on what it was designed to have and would be subject to WG's balance hammer.

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The design differences become more evident when you compare blueprint's

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/l97p4l/obj_268_v2_possible_tier_9/

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