Object 140. Whats the deal?

I am a thoroughly reasonable player of world of tanks, for years I've heard the praises of the Object 140 sung across the halls… But I have never really gotten why. So I did what any idiot does and got one myself… and my God I don't understand. So here I am, cap in hand, What is the deal with the Object 140?

I can barely manage 1600 average DPG over 30 games (1200wn8 in 140 vs a 2300 avg past 1k games) The gun feels stupidly inaccurate, even with bond vertical stabilisers, BIA, Snapshot, Smooth Ride (no vents). The mobility is lacklustre to be generous and the armour gets minced, I feel like the T-100LT has more reliable armour.

Am I just terminally stupid? A tomato wearing a push up bra? Have light tanks truly broken my frame of reference? What am I failing to see with the Object 140?

Tips, Tricks, Insults and 1600 dmg arty pens to the turret face are welcome.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/j82h60/object_140_whats_the_deal/

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