Object 279 Union Mission Guide

Howdy Folks.

Today I want to give you my script / written notes to my 279 Union Mission Guide video.

Feel free to check it out if you want to have more in depth explanations 🙂

Anyway here are my written notes. Also thanks to Vexx / Veroxx for going over my notes to make em slightly more readable.!

1: Just play a light tank and count on luck being on your side. It's possible to complete this mission in a single game. You need to have 2k dmg on average in 5 games. This means you need to have in total 10k spot or 12500 Spot in total in those 5 Games. The restriction is just there that IF you have already 1900 spotted on average and you are in your last game, that you have to have a minimum of 500 spot to get that added to your average.

Best choice here is T-100LT period.

2: Looks very hard but in reality is insanely easy. A lot of people forget (or just ignore) the fact arty exists.It is incredibly easy to do double or triple of your HP in damage. For comparison: TDs like Su-130PM or ISU-152, raw alpha damage focused TDs didn’t really work for me.Other players I have asked have also reaffirmed artillery is the easiest way to complete this mission with secondaries.I am suggesting Obj 261. You can also play lower tier artillery such as SU-14-2, but tier 10 arty has the best consistency in terms of damage.

  1. 15 / 20 Kills in 10 games. Here your only salvation is to find people to platoon with. Recommended tiers: 8/9. Killstealing here is not a shameful display. Suggestion: IS-3A, double barreled Tanks. Reset until you have a top gun game, to make it easier for yourself.

  1. Block on average 8 / 12 hits in 5 games. These missions are based on pure luck: hope your enemies are potatoes, they don't fire gold at you, and you get favourable top tier matchmaking. Basically, rub the head of that Stalin statue you have next to your display, and ask for his assistance. He'll surely reach out from hell and help you out. Reset the mission until you have a game with 15 to 20 shots blocked. Suggestion: Defender, KV-5, IS-7, 268V4, 263, KV-4, IS-4, ST-1 newly buffed Object 140?

5 Be among top 3/1 players in dmg 3 times in a row. Tough and skill/luck based mission. Strong tanks like 268 V4, 907, 140, WZ 111 5a, 277, etc. and your individual skill is what really matters here.

6 In 3/4 out of 7 games be on top of team in kills, minimum 2. Again, find people to platoon with. Double barreled tanks shine here, If you mess it up you still got a shot left. Most importantly: you need to be on top of the team in terms of kills. If any of your allies match your kill count, mission won't count. Here I suggest to reset always until your first game has that requirement.

I also suggest to reset if after 4-5 games you don’t have 2 out of 3 games done.

  1. Destroy 3 modules 3 games in a row. Purely luck based and extraordinarily frustrating mission. Here I suggest the Object 268 V4 with HE only or any high damage HE tank destroyer. Here nor soviet heavies nor artillery worked out for me.

  1. In 7 games out of 10 do equal or more dmg then you have HP. Play anything you are good at apart from arty, arty does not work here at all. Natural sense of priority should be TDs <- MTs <- HTs <- LTs. Reset if in 7 Games you only managed it 5 times.

  1. Twice in a row 3/4 kills. If you don't want to suffer, you can only make it easy for yourself with platoons. Again, double barreled tanks is a good idea due to the additional. Although any tank can work.

  1. Do 15.000 block damage over 10 battles (1500 blocked on average). Here I suggest also to keep resetting until you have something like a 5000 dmg blocked game as your first. 268V4 will do well here.

  1. Score 8/12 penetrating hits on average or 80 / 120 Hits in 10 games total. Here tanks with low alpha damage and high ROF are best suited. Also reset until you have like a game with 12 or even 18 pens in the first round. Just to have some leeway if you botched other games. Keep in mind, Russian mediums can be very good here, 8 pen hits are 2560 dmg on average which is, for a good player, comparatively very little. If you don't feel like mediuming, LT-432 is right up your alleyway as it is effectively medium (MBT) disguised as a light tank anyways and needs just mere 1440 dmg on average, which any capable player should do.

  1. Easy mission, play light tanks and have one good game. Far easier then the axis version as well. You can also consider doing it in a medium tank platoon wolfpack with vehicles like T-54. Your mission is to aim at the tracks while your buddies score damage. If you don't feel like playing light tanks, reset the mission until in your first game you score 3-4 detracking kills. Recommendedations: T-100lt, T-54, Type 59

  1. Earn 2 / 3 topgun medals in 12 games. Again you should platoon with someone. 3 heavy tank platoon with tanks such as 703, Is-3A or defender will do well here, even though anything "broken" such as Progetto or LT-432 might work. Reset until you have 1 topgun already. Tedious and frustrating mission but it's manageable.

  1. A very easy but arty focused mission. Skipping it is possible, but it's relatively easy so try doing it. Most importantly: for this mission block maps like Enks and Himmelsdorf where arty is practically useless. Object 261 or Su-14-2 with small gun will do fine here. Spam premium HE you tryhard scrub. Furthermore: Grand battles! Here you have far more targets to shoot at with a lot more time to do so. Grand Battles will make it far easier to complete this mission/ Reset the mission until you have a game with something akin to 16+ stunned vehicles in your first game. Always focus on groups and don’t focus on solo tanks. Being a team player is key.

  1. Score 3 Mastery Class 1 badges in 20 games. Here the truth lies within game mechanics and pure logic. You have to play tech tree tanks, as most weak players are likely to have these tanks, bringing the requirements heavily.

Here I also suggest to reset every time when you don’t have 2 out of the 3 in 10 games! Capable vehicles like LTTB on damage mode, KV-4 or ISU-152 are potential considerations here or otherwise, tanks which are regarded as weak are also decent hence IS-M, T-103, Object 430-2 WZ-111 tank destroyer or the newly buffed T-34-2 even.

If you are incredibly good, the little hidden gem called Object 416 might be the easiest tank here. The vehicle is a little bit above its tier and it's not that much talked about. Hide in a bush and pummel everyone with your DPM.

Conclusion: 279 Missions as you can see are a lot of the time luck and platoon based. Keep that in mind. I really REALLY suggest to play with friends which can help you achieve those missions. They aren't impossible for your average player. But they can be hard! Keep trying and stay safe!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jc5xwz/object_279_union_mission_guide/

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