Observation about lower tier games

As a context: I realized I have a WN8 of 9 (!!) on the Pnz38na and decided to correct this shameful number. (Back then I literally failed my way to the Hetzer or whatever tank it led to, because I had no idea how to play it. My idea of light tank play was the T-50-2 -drive like an idiot, try not to die and hope you light stuff up. Obviously it did not work with the 38na.)

Anyhow. I played about 20 games, corrected the WN8 to a more acceptable 700 (no point in climbing higher; at least it is not a single digit), and found that the games are longer -there are no 2-3 minute steamrolls. The players are less toxic -no raging assholes who think they know everything best, and calling everyone names who do not obey. I encountered no pushers, or grievers who troll their own teams, either. In general the games are more interesting because players have a tendency of doing unexpected things, going to unexpected places. So all in all, it was a actually surprisingly good experience. No abundance of autoloaders, no bullshit OP premium, reward tanks everywhere (leafblowers, B2s excepted), no brutally punishing arty, clowncars… it felt like a tank game.

(And before you complain about seal-clubbing- about half the teams were people with more than 20k games at all times, and while the poor Pnz38na is a decent tank, it is not an OP one.)

I might actually play tier IV-V a bit more from now on.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mtvhm8/observation_about_lower_tier_games/

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