Old player. Questions about the current state of WoT

Hi there, I'm a pretty old player (account created during closed beta wn8 =2200 with 9k games) and stopped playing around the time of the Japanese heavy tanks being introduced. I briefly returned during the first black market event but not for that long. But i kind of have an itch to play again.

My questions are what is the state of matchmaking like? My current understanding is that the meta has shifted to higher tiers (9-10) and playing tier 8 isn't that much fun anymore because all you see in tier 8 are tier 9 and 10 tanks which you cant really pen at any angle.

Also has power creep continued a ton? Is the defender etc considered super broken mega OP still or have even more ridiculous tanks been introduced?

Also if i were to start playing again. What line are the most fun / best currently? The polish mediums look interesting. Or I might just continue with Czech mediums or Swedish TD's

Lastly, What is the state of arty now? I actually don't remember the state of arty when I last played. But I remember the stun effect being super long and super annoying.

Oh and i'm on EU for the record.

Thanks and happy tanking! 🙂

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