Old player returning after a good number of years.

I have had some enjoyment but it is hard at times as it seems like WG is taking the game in the opposite direction relative to other freemium games.

What I have noticed now having several hundred games back is the use of gold rounds is everywhere. To a point slow well armored vehicles might as well be a TOG. To me it kills the general strategy in random games. Before gold rounds…well cost gold. So it was used very sparingly in random battles.

Grand battles, are kinda fun but costly as I do not know the maps…at all. It would be nice if they introduced them before teir 10, even at 8 or 9, just so you can get a little practice before getting slaughtered in a costly teir 10 vehicle.

Premium vehicles are a bit overpowered compared to before. I had a few like the T34 american, AT15 and a few lower levels. Those were imo worse than the T32 and tech tree counterparts. Now it seems like newer ones are as good or better, making it a more pay to win game. There is the super sneaky, fast TD scout, the E25. Which seems to bounce a lot of shots as well. This is just a dirty tank that makes me upset when I see it on the list.

The Bourrasque is basically a double barrel hellcat medium, which teir for teir happens to be better than a hellcat at every aspect as well. Playing a light or medium from 6-9 is really hard because of this tank, and the E25.

The equipment additions are neat but really really costly. Not only that I rarely get through a match without getting tracked, losing crew, or a fire… Which means I am using consumables at a much higher rate than before.

Overall it seems like WG is doing everything to get more money, and by doing so making the game more pay to win than before. Dont get me wrong a good player is a good player, even money cant fix that. But a poor good player vs a rich good player is at a disadvantage more now than before. Most freemium games are going the stock car route, and making money from additional ways. But not WOT, more money=a better/easier time.

Dont get me wrong, I am having fun. But when I get hit by a dozen gold rounds playing smart, I get a little upset and have to walk away. I am not sure how long it will last before I walk away for good again.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/iunwxq/old_player_returning_after_a_good_number_of_years/

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