Old returning player having problems with Type 5 heavy

Coming back to WoT, i found myself having a hard time making this tank work. Specifically in a heavytank vs heavytank situation.

When it was new, it was a beast, not as good as the maus, but nevertheless a beast. People had a hard time in it, so it got buffed armour, and more damage. It was balanced with weakspots and slow, lumbering, slow reload, heavy puncher tank. It was fun, i won some, i lost some.

But now, i have come back after a long period of pause.
HE does not work, even the almost 200mm pen premium HE barely works. All these new fancy tanks with 10²³ mm thick heavily rounded turrets with 180° gundepression is impossible to damage, even with HE.
The new 152mm AP i was hyped to see, untill i understood that its practically useless vs heavytanks from T8 upwards.
14 cm cannon is somewhat better, but still only 280 something pen with prem rounds. Whilst they sling stuff like 320-420mm pen prem rounds with double my dpm.

The thick T5H armor does not help at all vs top tier tanks at all. As all of us probably already know.
It can't really angle like the maus because those wierd useless 45° corners in the armor and its just so flat, optimal angle is about 15-20° with a bit of buttwiggle. Not that Tier X prem heat cares, but you know, vs T8 prem rounds it works sometimes.

I might be able to go hull down sometimes, however, the turret is so flat its just as armoured as the FV4005 turret vs these Tier X prem rounds.

Cant sidescrape, because…. You already know.
It really feels bad being forced to play it like it was a massive cardboard box.

Is this tank dead? Am i trying in vain?
Or am i doing something wrong here?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/p85ral/old_returning_player_having_problems_with_type_5/

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