On *Fully* Seeing XP from Damage and Spotting

Not sure if this has ever been presented, but I believe we are missing a statistic in Tanks. We’re currently trained to see what we now called “Combined” which is a combination of Damage Done and Spotting/Tracking (long ago we called this latter piece Damage Under Detection, or DUD). While the total stats that now see post-game are correct, the breakdown is not. Chart 1 shows the four quadrants consisting of the various combinations of damage and spotting/tracking:

Quads I and II are combined

Top left (Quad I) is me doing it all, so I get 100% of the XP from that damage.

Top right (Quad II) is me doing half: I am damaging the target while you spot it for me, so we share the XP 50/50.

Bottom left (Quad 3) is also me doing half: I am spotting while you are damaging, so again we share the XP 50/50.

Bottom right (Quad 4) does not apply, but I have to include it in the pic for completeness.

Our current “Combined” equals Damage plus Spotting. Damage currently includes Quads I and II, as outlined in the top red box. Spotting (or tracking) is Quad III, and is correct. But what I’d love to see is a further breakout in the post-game (and maybe in-game) stats showing me Quads I and II completely separated. This is shown in chart 2 here; same chart but Quads I and II are now separate:

Quads I and II have been separated

This certainly is not a huge deal, but especially when I’m brawling and/or spotting from a distance/sniping (passive lights and glass TDs) it’d be nice to know if I am doing it all, or if I am sharing with my teammates, and especially as it happens.

Aside from opinions on whether this is worth it, am I correct? I think I am. Been running a lot of light tanks lately and learning how to be patient: when to fire and when not to; when to advance and when to just shut up and stay put, …). This extra bit of info occurred to me a while back but has really come to light recently while running these kinds of tanks.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/m0h2hh/on_fully_seeing_xp_from_damage_and_spotting/

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