Patch 1.14 Discussion Thread

We're trying something new by creating an official update discussion post. If it works well, we might do it again. If not, you only have to suffer once.

Major Features:

– New Czech Heavy Line from tier VII – X

– "Rebalancing" (buffs) of the following premium vehicles:

  • T34
  • KV-5
  • IS-6
  • 112
  • WZ-111
  • T-34-3
  • Raumpanzer
  • Patton KR
  • T95E2
  • 59-Patton

Field Modifications

New Map: Safe Haven

Topography game mode

(Map knowledge training game mode aimed at new players.)

Other Features:

– Changes to SPG Personal Missions

– Recon mode returning soonTM (?)

– Frontlines returns on the 16th

– WG 11th Anniversary garage and event



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