People are teaming in the solo mode for Steel Hunter

I have started playing through Steel Hunter and have been enjoying so far. However, my 4th match today has left me kind peeved off. Now maybe I am just assuming, but I was in the Russian tank today and began my game as normal, hunting after equipment and getting upgraded, when I came across a German and Russian tank that seemed to be in cahoots with each other.

Again, maybe I'm just being crazy, but hear me out.

So I started the game in the southwestern corner and was heading towards the first airdrops of the game. As I approach I see the German and Russian tank both side by side, heading to the drop. So I just kinda was like… ok? They notice me, and the Russian starts chasing me while he leaves the German to grab the drop.

That's odd.

Because I had a gut feeling that they were teaming, I decided to do a little test to confirm my theory. I loop the back to the German, with Russian in tow, and baited the Russian to run directly into the German. I make my escape around a corner and, instead of them battling it out with each other as one would think, they instead both make haste to chase me.

I obviously die and am pretty peeved.

I had a feeling that this would happen but I just wanted to get it out there.

If you are soloing, people MAY be teaming with one another!

Be careful out there tankers!

If you guys have had similar experiences then please, let me know in the replies, thanks for reading this long rant, lol


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