Peprs before Clan Wars

Hello fellow tankers!

About year ago I applied to clan which my friend was in as a joke, because of my obviously terrible wn8, lack of skill and general mediocre understanding of game. Somehow they accepted my request.
Year later I'm still big pile of poop, but I understand the game a lil bit better and tend to aim for weakspots in game, not just spam gold.

So here's the clue of the post
I'd like to give upcoming clan wars a try and here's my question:

Should I prepare e50m or obj140?
I'm willing to put bond equipment in one of these bad boys and I have 4 skills and fifth in progress on both crews, loads of credits to spam gold and I can't just decide is more dpm and camo of obj a better option than some additional armor and ramming ability of e50m
What are your thoughts guys and girls?


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