Picked up a Rhm Panzerwagen. How bad could it be, right?

Put a pretty good crew in it, food, CVS, bounty optics and vents. Off I go and…

Six losses in a row from moment I began. 20% winrate after first day. The tank is, quite simply, unplayable. It's so much worse then I even imagined. I didn't think there could be a vehicle so utterly unsuited to the game, how it plays, or the enemy tanks you're most likely to face.

The gun is, at best, underwhelming. The mobility is alright for a tier X light, turns badly, but is fast, just not fast enough to avoid anything killing you the instant you're spotted, which you will be… because the camo is as bad as most mediums. Even with 550+ view range and CVS, a T100 LT was able to get within 60m of me, unseen, spot me until I died, and only got seen when my EBR passed through the same bush as him. That's real camo, useable camo. The RHM gets regularly out-spotted by mediums, so… just don't try scouting, ever.

Wondering how many years WG will keep looking at that 44% wr before they wonder if they ought to buff all the German lights above like… tier 6, because the line sucks unimaginably bad. Ofc, most of you know this, I just had to see for myself if it was the players, or the tanks. Well, the RU-251 is useable, if poor. The RHM is simple causing your team to lose, every time you hit battle.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/n0t0vf/picked_up_a_rhm_panzerwagen_how_bad_could_it_be/

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