Platoon system making close fights even more rare?

Focus on team result column. 20 fights yesterday, maybe 5 "close" ones? Prior day I won 8 of 9 with maybe 1 close fight? Anyone else noticing this? Yes, the losing streak is impressive but I'm focused on the lopsidedness of the fights.

I'm not the best but I'm not the worst. I have a 51% WR. Some games I am terrible I am sure. Others I do quite well.

My theory is that in making it super-easy to group people in platoons of like-skill, WG is creating even more unbalanced games than before. Yes, I know, unicum platoons existed before. But it seems like it's far more prevalent now. Of course, yesterday I got the tomato platoons on my team vs the blues and purples on the other.

I enjoy the close fights, win or loss. I can keep going even when I get a long losing streak. But these lopsided battles aren't fun. Even those 15-2 wins aren't that enjoyable.

Could it be recency bias? All in my head? Yup. That's why I'm honestly asking if you have seen similar. This is a not a sky is falling post. I'm genuinely curious if what I think I'm seeing with platoon matching is similar to your experiences.

Are close games becoming more rare? Is there a site that tracks that sort of thing?


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