Player rant! (make the game better for your teammates!)

so, this might come very sudden. That would be correct because i am slightly annoyed by this playerbase. So here it goes.

As i was playing a WoT match in my bisonte we were behind 4 tanks. With that number in tanks lost, the game is still very winable! until suddenly an unspotted SU-130PM started racking up more and more kills, all while being unspotted the whole time. I saw this happening so i immediately started asking "SU-130 where?" got no reaction! Another kill later i once again asked "where is the SU-130?? you can ping in the direction he killed you!" again, no reaction. then he got his third kill on a light tank (which i thought was very good) and again i asked "where is the ******* SU-130???" sadly still, no reaction. at that moment i got very angry and typed in chat (while being killed by arty) "you absolute clowns, you can ping the map in which direction you think the enemy killed you!" and then i got a reaction from the light tank back, "stupid team go play minecraft" the same light tank that didnt help me for shit when i asked where the damn SU was.

So, to make my point very clear. please ping the map if you get shot by arty, or shot/killed by an unspotted tank to make it a bit more clear to your teammates where they might be.

My apologise if the story above doesn't make any sense, but i realllly wish teammates would help each other a bit more in the battle! a little thing like a simple ping can make my (and maybe your) match a whole lot better!

Thanks for reading and sorry if there are a few spelling mistakes, i am not native english!


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