Players that stopped spending money. How to deal with it?

Hey. I used to be addicted to WoT, have spend alot of money. Fortunately game got shit enough I have nothing to be addicted to. Playing longer than 1 hour requires willpower comparable to putting your whole face in a huge pile of shit trying to find a pea with your tongue while 3 fat horses are trying to stick their dicks inside your asshole. It's impossible and the amount of garbage gameplay is unbearable.

Don't get me wrong, I still adore this game. For the first 1h it's the best experience you can have on a computer, usually. It's obvious premium account is worth dogshit and I need to stop buying it. I don't want to buy whole day of premium only to use max 1h of it. It's a waste of money. Now, any players here that stopped paying for premium still enjoy this game? How did you do it? What is hardest to accept? If I have 10 premium tanks, will I be fine?


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