Players who insult other players anti-semitic in chat should be banned permanently from the entire game – change my mind

So I had someone in my team who insulted some players in a hardcore anti-semitic way. He also said that he does this kind of insults since 9 years (obvious his whole WoT "carrier) and nothing ever happened.

So I send the replay to wargaming and they send me an automatic reply that players which violate the chat will be "punished" by the automatic system. We all know the automatic system is shit and nothing will happen anyway…

Knowing this I answered and requested an manual verification of the scene..

And again I got told that players who violate against chat rules will be punished by the automatic system.

Come on WG and fuck off this shit. How can this piece of shit still insult and do anti-semitic expressions in the ingame-chat!?

TLDR; being anti-semitic in ingame-chat gains you an hour of chat ban. Well done WG


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