Playing Arty without Intuition sucks

I only play art for the campaign missions that require you to play it, but I decided to throw in a few rounds with my GW Panther to get acclimated to the new changes, and trying to play arty “right” without Intuition is like trying to mine gold with nothing but your piss to erode the surrounding rock.

Never really saw much point in Intuition on arty, since the only gold they’ve had for years now is a little more burst radius, so my GW doesn’t have it, and trying to switch shells to see the different effects and the likes sucks.

I’m not a huge fan of arty, don’t really like some of the changes they made (adding a perk and more visible tracer are dumb in my opinion), I like what they’ve done with Intuition and such.

I think that they could’ve done a lot worse to the arty, but I think balancing mission completion and job fulfillment will be harder now than it was before.

Also, I think adding AP to a class which gets direct hits 10% of the time (exaggeration) is stupid, unless you’re shotgunning


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