PLS Help THIS IS How I get BANNED for 365 days from Forum of Wargaming World of Tanks

I tried to contact first moderator then WgStuff Moderator but nothing will happen I am sure. If anybody can supply a contact of mid or high pay grade WG stuff or can forward this this situation to him. I will be happy for that. BEcause in our Community it is impossible to reach higher levels.

Thnks Alot People.

This is the text auto-translated to English is below. So some part can be hard to understand sorry for that.


Christmas boxes have gathered very nice statistics on WG user psychology over the years since the crystals came out, and they have improved themselves according to these statistics. This development has always come to this day with the logic of how to get more money from the player. But can this Christmas be different? There is an epic crack in Warships. Boxes are fraudulent, there are sounds like narration fraudulent, and there are publishers who dropped Warships because of this. And these publishers are obviously saying that we are not geese to pluck, we are not idiots. For some publishers, this is the end because after Warships they have to start from scratch again and master a new game. But those who do not stick to a single game will be able to continue on their way because they have already tried different games from time to time. They will not have a breakdown.

So what does this have to do with WOT? Although their structures and employees are separate, Senior Management is the same. If they apply the same guerrilla marketing techniques to WOT taste this Christmas and follow the same path, it could be the beginning of a abandonment for both broadcasters and players. And it will be very difficult or impossible to reverse a downsizing that started. This should not be seen as just a mistake or Christmas chaos. This could be the start of a great meltdown. One of the biggest reasons for this is again Psychology. We are in a pandemic process where the whole world is closed to home, and if, as a business that still collects money from its customers, it does a deceptive / fraudulent New Year promotion to raise more money, this year people will not have the chance to remove and compensate this because they are already narrowing in their real lives, and all their grudges will be put to WG. they will vomit. Here, consolations such as "But we gave 3-5 days pre due to the pandemic" etc. will not work very well. People are generally depressed and offended so this New Year may not be like last New Year's Eve.

A lot of people have tried to explain to WG, these are you couldn't take any action wrong. You have always chosen options that cost more money than you do. You never said I earned 20% less, but let the Community be happy, let's give their rights rather than being happy.

There are dozens of examples that can be given, but let me briefly say what comes to my mind.

– WG said we are not going to sell the M62E1, you sold it. (I may remember wrong)

– E25 was said not to go on sale. (I may remember wrong)

– The tanks we paid for were like Arabian racehorses for the first 3 months. Then you mowed such a donkey that even stood beside him like a scuff. (If I print and buy a tank, I buy it because it makes 70 KM. You shouldn't reduce it to 62 after 3 months. It's pretty stupid, you couldn't balance it well. Then you have to give me the right to get back from the same money, to turn it into gold.) This 256 GB ramli It's like buying a laptop and then quietly entering your home after 3 months and taking 128 GB of technical service. We gave money. Your speed, your armor, your madness, my brother …

– Christmas Trees. You have never explained it well. Real Random has never worked. There are 2 possibilities to break it. Does the same red crystal come out 6 times exactly RNG? There have been RNGs that will only be on the WG and the roulette rigging table.

– Cans gave very good tanks for 3-5 days, nothing for 10 days. Then you did not look at it, you increased the frequency again and gave it to the bottom.

– You have missed out on clans, even if not all over Europe, you have ruined TR.

– You last messed with this Amazon Prime business. You couldn't even give an answer, even a proper explanation.

If we go back to past years, I remember vaguely

– We said we said the Klan member would not be a forum moderator, you did it, then things got around your throat again.

– You banned according to your pleasure, you banned different players who committed the same mistake for 10 days and another one with a perma ban.

– You tried to do an activity The police raided (the result is not a complaint or excuse, but the result is an indication of incompetence and poor planning)

– You threatened the Clan Commander to kick players out of the Clan because you couldn't find an excuse to throw a Perma Ban.

These are perhaps one of the 100 of my past 9-10 years of WOT. I'm still playing. I'm trying not to hate. But you are so unsuccessful in what you are trying to do that my stubbornness will end and it seems like you will hate it soon.

Your biggest mistake for the last 3-4 years. It was a New Year's Eve program. Maybe it was fine when the first crystals arrived. But when you realize that it was good money in this business, you got into it. Now your income model has become like that, you earn money with donkey load in November-December and you try to keep this big structure alive with very low incomes for the other 10 months. Therefore, you are constantly trying to milk the user like a cow. For example, I have been paying as an annual fee only in December for 2 years and I do not spend 5 kurus for the other 11 months. I'm sure there are a lot of people doing it this way. And this money I invested is decreasing in euro every year.

However, in New Year's packages

– Gold

– Premium

– Credit

if you didn't put it. If you kept the price reasonable. We would continue to take 12 months. The box would remain as the fun of the business, and you would collect your regular income for 12 months.

Yes, we, as TR players, are very small compared to Russia or Europe. But you never set the scale properly. You always interpreted the complaints as 3-5 people. However, if you formulated it proportionally, maybe you could evaluate a lot of suggestions and suggestions that will get you on the right track before this forum is garbage. This is valid for foreign forums. Because you don't value the user at all, Forum TR is also slowly disappearing and I guess this is most likely to work. Less discussion, less message, less time KEBAP come by. This is the current state of where 2-3 editors barely catch up at the time. Take two glances in the lunch break. Okay done.

Finally, if there is a truth that I believe is most important,

You have never tried to convey the logical cries users wrote here to the correct unit or to the top point. If you had tried and believed in this, there would not be an idiot who has been playing the game for 10 years and still believes in the possibility of things to change and wrote this article, instead it would be a community that loves hundreds of WOTs who have been playing the game for 10 years and who love WG. If you were able to create such a community, you would accept your thanks, you would be more motivated, you would work happier, you would drive the company forward, you would earn more, you wouldn't have to read such long-headed topics every day.

In summary, I do not think of pouring more money into the glass of this mentality.

Let's take it easy.

HappyNewYear WOT


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