Possible 4 tracked line?

I was adding a history segment to the AE phase 1 wiki entry, when I discovered that there are enough blueprints for a minor 4 tracked American tech tree. There were three tanks, so a tier 8,9, and 10. It also fits with the AE phase 1 in game because there is an AE phase 2 design that could work as the tier 10

The blueprints also support a system in game where if a track was disabled (or two if they are parallel) it would reduce the tank to 50% power, but if two were taken out that were not parallel it would still be tracked. (this is due to a system where if one track was disabled, the other parallels track would have to be unpowered to help steering)

And, to top it all off, the AE phase 1 is different enough in game from the blueprint one that it is feasible to repurpose the blueprint into a new tech tree tank

Does anyone else think this would be a cool idea? I personally think these could be really cool in a city or hull down since they have really good turret armor and they cant be easily perm tracked in a city.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jv7gwr/possible_4_tracked_line/

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