Potatoes Guide to the ELC Even.

ELC Even, as of June 2020

I absolutely love my ELC Even, and it's one of my most played tanks overall. It has amazing camouflage, and it can hide in bushes no other light could even dream of using, but it's a bloody terrible choice for a potato.

Don't get me wrong, it's a super fun tank. It's a bit slow to accelerate, but it can really leg it when it gets going, and with the tiny size it can be hard to hit, but an ELC Even lives or dies by your ability to use vision/camouflage to dictate the game, which is very very difficult.

The first hundred games or so I had a frustratingly low Win Rate and HORRIBLE stats in the Even, because it's basically useless in a fair fight, with only passable view range, and it can't hit a barn door while moving.

It got a lot better when I relearned all the maps from the perspective of the Even, and I'm currently not embarrassing myself in it, but I'm actually hard pressed coming up with a tank that would be a worse investment for a potato.

Potatoes in general shouldn't be playing lights, but if they insist (like I did because I'm dim like that) there are so many better (and easier) lights in the game, that won't require you to learn an entirely new play style.

Potato score: 2 / 10 (fun score is like 9/10, but seriously don't get this tank until you know what you're doing)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/guwpti/potatoes_guide_to_the_elc_even/

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