Practical Idea for Newbies

A frequently repeated piece of advice to new players on how to get better is to watch streamers aka Good Players. For me, that was not quite enough… Passively watching a great player dominate and making it look easy was just frustrating, so I developed an exercise to see if I could make things more interactive in order to reinforce what I was learning.

I will load a youtube video, then pause it during the battle-loading countdown. I will make a prediction on where I think the Unicum will go, using just the map and the two teams' tank composition. Which flank and Which position?

When I determine correctly, and it works out, I get a mental reward a lot stronger than just watching someone be awesome. When I guess wrong, I have to work out why the Unicum makes better decisions than me, and try to parse out how to 'read' the game setup better.

Hopefully someone else may use this tip on how to turn watching Unicums from a passive into an active activity. I find a lot of lopsided battles that end in only 3 minutes usually stem from mis-deployments!

For me, I am a total newb with less than 3500 battles. I joined WoT in March because of covid quarantine: too much time on-hand and WoT was the only game all my friends had in common. I suffered down to a 47% winrate before getting back to 50% this month. In my most recent 1000 battles (aka third of my stats) I've held above 1600 WN8. Absolutely still a newb, but have my aspirations. See ya'll out there!


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