Predictions for next Well Deserved Reward

After it's confirmed we are getting the VK 28.01 with the 105 this year, I think we've ran out of original "well-remembered configuration which got removed" premiums for yearly giveaway. Only remaining ones I can think of are the old KV-1S (tier VII KV-122) and Pzkpfw. IV with Schmalturm and the L/70 (tier VI) – yet they are both already present in game, well estabilished and monetized, with many owning them as they are (at least KV-122) present as recruit rewards. Only solution for this could be giving them out together, with people owning none able to choose one, and people owning one out of two getting the second – but I think it's unlikely, as it would both cause an uproar, and cut the remaining revenue down.

To be honest, I can't remember any other removed vehicles which were widely played and acknowledged (NO, we won't get a Waffentrager) – maybe someone else has any ideas?


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