Hiya guys! So, with the new Borrasque in an iron man suit in the shop, I've been asking myself one question ( as most people who buy premium tanks probably did ): is this tank worth the money?

So here's a discussion for those, who already have either a couple, or perhaps all of the following tanks – IS-3A, 703 II, Defender, Renegade, and the newcomer – Škoda T 56 – which one would you recommend? Let's say I'm a little below average player, despite my WN8 and winrate, but I am looking for a heavy tank for a reason that not many people would hold a priority: I don't need a superb tank, capable of almost anything; I just want a tank with which I'm able to feel good, to do good in battle and to have an overall pleasant time playing. If the following information helps to give an advice, I have premium heavies like M6A2E1 "Mutant" and Chrysler K, both of which lack either decent alpha or penetration IMO, as well as 50TP Prototyp, which would be a great tank, but I just don't like it, I can't explain why, it's just not satisfying enough I think.

Anyways, I'm sorry for this fruity loops essay, but I am looking forward to reading your advice, thanks in advance!


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