Pretending to be good is helpful

This is a little something for not so good players who want to get better at the game.

TLDR: If you're an average player, try thinking out possible strategies in the battle like pros do, even if you're not good at it.

Before I start, I just want to let you all know that I'm not a really good player, and this is a tip to players like me who are looking for ways to improve at the game.

A few days ago, I was an average 51% WR 1000 WN8 player. In the past few days, my stats skyrocketed. Win rate went up a few %, WN8 almost doubled (my stats for reference). How?

So I'm sure every one of you who is really into the game checked out some WoT YouTube channels and found people providing commentary on replays, explaining what they're doing in the game (I'm talking channels like Quickybaby, skill4ltu, Lemmingrush). I always looked up to these players as pros with how they play so well, yet didn't really learn much, since I always considered them to do "pro strats" which I can't do.

Recently, I tried to pretend like I was a pro and make decisions in game based on that. It went surprisingly well.

For example, instead of thinking:
Oh, I'm in a heavy tank, so I'll just go to the city and fight enemies there
I do:
So, their team has superheavies which will definitely go to the city, meanwhile our team has paper french heavy tanks, which won't give a damn about the city, so I would end up going there alone. Instead, I'm going to camp at base and abuse the fact that the enemy superheavies will have to slowly cross all the land between the city and our base before they can do anything.

I hope you get the point. Sure, my strats probably aren't anywhere near perfect, but I have had many games where I actually saved the game because I pretended to know what the best play is, and ended up doing a better play than I normally would.

I hope this actually helps someone out. If thinking this way is common sense, that's good for you. It wasn't common sense for me.


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