Pro WG staff post, for a change

I'm normally one for bashing the overall WG gaming ethics (loot boxes etc) but yesterday had a very good experience.

Went to uncles funeral yesterday, had a few pints of Guinness.

Came home, had no intentions of playing as I don't play when drinking. But was planning on selling two tier 10s to buy the kran (was broke after purchasing few tier 9s last week).

Reluctantly sold the 50bae and the t57. Went onto the Swedish tech tree and purchased the tier 10 TD by mistake!
Googled it and people said you will never get the refund.
Chanced it anyway, opened a ticket, explained what I had done, woke up this morning to a nice reply, tank removed and credits refunded.

Thought that was a nice move, considering it was a drunken mistake on my part.

If the employees reading this (unlikely), cheers man. Brightened up my day today.


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