Progetto 46 Equipment Builds

Hello fellow tankers! I couldn't find the information I wanted, so I decided to make a poll/post regarding the Progetto 46 and a good equipment build. I simply want to know what you guys think, because I'm having a really hard time deciding between these two setups. I'm leaning towards the first option, which would have godlike gun handling, but it doesn't have max view range, only like 439. The reload difference isn't a big deal to me when using or not using vents.

I would figure it out for myself, but I will just barely have enough bonds for one piece of equipment, and don't want to "waste" them. And yes, turbo is a must* it fits so perfectly with the Prog making it's 55 kmh top speed go to 60 kmh… makes it feel less sluggish too (obviously this is my personal preference).


These are the two builds that I can get with the amount of bonds I have atm, but I can only get one or the other. I also want to min-max, that's why there isn't a Turbo, Bond vents, Bond VSTAB. That'd cost 10k bonds, I only have 5k 🙂

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