Prokohorvka 1/2 lane meta needs to stop

Yes, I know, with three arties I understand the map is a drag but people camp there in their heavies so often even if there is no arty whatsoever, it's infuriating.

It's basically a sure loss unless the enemy team is equally as mentally challenged – in which case it often results in a draw because it becomes hard to dig out double bushed campers late in the game when the scouts have all died.

This map needs some changes to make the bushes less effective on that side to prevent all the windowlickers from going there and parking their tank for the whole game while barely shooting their guns.

It's so frustrating to see that I'm about to block this map instead of Airfield. At least Airfield is an honest to god trash map that punishes anyone who plays but Prokhorovka is just ruined by the same garbage tactics every damn time.


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