Proposed nerf/fix to Wheelies.

I noticed in skill's latest video he was playing the EBR.

…and driving around with broken wheels at 95km/h…

Then I remembered how War Thunder handles wheelies….

Black, or this case broken wheels lock up in that game. They don't move and slow you down drastically, which is how war gaming should change these vehicles. Because seeing skill drive around normally in his EBR with a CLEARLY broken wobbly wheel… is dumb. It should not roll at all and cause massive drag like in war thunder.

If any of you play/played war thunder you know what I mean with wheeled vehicles there. Another nerf they could hand out, is this. Wheeled vehicles in war thunder only have their max speed on roads. Not on dirt or whatever thats not a road. However the issue in WOT is that there isn't enough roads in a lot of the maps. Or even dirt roads for that matter.

But again, they could update the maps to have more.


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