ProTip: Mirny Easy-Mode = Spam low difficulty games


I was annoyed by the grind you need to do for Mirny and after I finished the challenge to kill the EndBoss on high difficulty (try forming a team out of good performing players in your random queue) to get the keys required to open up all reels.

What I did (and I finished the grind (~150keys) in like 3-4 Hrs:

  1. Pick the Double/Legio
  2. Equip the Emergency Kit + the instant reload thingy
  3. Queue for Low difficulty
  4. One(double)shot enemies (high dmg), instant reload, One(double)shot enemies (high dmg)
  5. Use your Boost to ram enemies to death (high dmg)
  6. Farm more enemies/dmg/mirium, even if you already could go to the magnus
    1. If youre good and know what youre doing, you can easily solo the nodes 🙂
  7. Finish after Phase 3 => No need to bother with the Endboss
  8. Profit

If youre good (I am an super unikum), you can amount to 6 Keys per Battle => Easy Progress + easy grind – I've done 10 consecutive rounds today and always went out with 6 Keys.

Hope that helps,



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