PZ1C Nerfed in new update.

Inter-shell delay now makes this tank unplayable. Each individual shot has a 0.17 second delay in it, making the 40 shells take over 7 straight seconds to empty. That plus the weak pen means you do maybe 150 damage reliably over 7 seconds, where as any other tank at tier 3 can dump over 4 rounds or ~300 damage. Plus you have to be exposed the entire time since your gun is always shooting. Over nerfed to ruin.

Edit: For all of yall downvoting me, I never said the nerf wasn't warranted, I'm just stating it was overdone to the point where they might as well have removed the tank, instead of keeping it in game, since no one would want to play it anyway. Yall are toxic and a joke lol. For a sub that complains about WG's balance all the time yall certainly can't read worth jack, and don't seem to understand what "over nerfed" means either. WG could've easily nerfed it to be in line with all the other tier3's, but now it might as well be a racecar without a gun.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/g6rqk8/pz1c_nerfed_in_new_update/

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