QB: The Skorpion(G) has possibly made WarGaming over $100M


QuickyBaby, taking stats from the WoT-Live website has discovered that Wargaming have potentially sold almost 2 Million Skorpion(G)s since its inception into the game. This is overall for NA/EU/RU servers and does not include the Asian servers.

He puts his estimate at around $50M because some of those numbers might include rentals or employee gifts and such and he has also done his estimate based on the lowest price the tank has ever been sold at: $47.

However, as he also states, this tank has been sold in lootboxes and in bundles going up to almost $100, meaning that (not including Asia servers), this tank could have potentially earned WarGaming $150M+.

That is insane. This is only ONE of many, many Tier 8 premiums in the game.

This is more money than some Hollywood films have grossed worldwide. This is more money than some complete video games have made worldwide in their lifetime… ONE Tier 8 premium.

Just imagine the amount of money WarGaming have made off of ALL of the Tier 8 premium tank sales; in fact, I'm quite interested to do the math for this and see just how insane the numbers end up.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/e6lih5/qb_the_skorpiong_has_possibly_made_wargaming_over/

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