Ranked Battles are a joke!!!

I’ve played WOT for 8 years but this is my first time playing a ranked season and it is the biggest joke of all time. The straw that broken me is I was on the winning team, had the most damage dealt by 1.5k the next closest person had 2.5k damage and I didn’t receive the most xp. I got one chevron though I won the game basically by flanking. Instead a leopard with 2.5k damage got too spot followed by a 60TP with 1.8k damage.

Like what goes on in WG mind to think that’s right. In another match me and another tank each dealt about 1.5k each (killed three tanks) and capped to win the game because our team was loosing the hill but we were both at the bottom and received no chevrons. WE WERE THE REASON WE WON!!! It was us two left vs 6 other tanks.

Lastly the new role system is the funniest joke of them all. As an example a versatile medium tank is supposed to be able to spot on its own and deal damage to earn the multiplier all while trading hp. Does WG even play their own ranked game. How often are tanks not spotted because they are literally proxy spotting one another because the same high traffic areas is where everyone goes.

Ranked should be based solely on individual performance. It then takes away the team element because WOT has no sense of team in ranked. And every other ranked mode in any other game is based primarily on sole performance with a multiplier if you win the battle. Likewise, there should be a multiplier for if you lose as well for example it can be a negative number and you lose so many points and each chevron is worth a set point value.

Also teams are so toxic with everyone trying to be the best that it causes stupid decisions to be made, competing for kills, sabotaging teammates, not helping in fear of losing hit points, and meta tanks ruining all matches.

I’ve played back when the t-50-2 was the king of spotting and when there were no improved graphics or physics. And this is by far the worse idea WG haas made.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/pp63lj/ranked_battles_are_a_joke/

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