RANKED bonus battle system is wrong.

Hi guys,

I started to play Ranked today, I thought, if I wait one week, I get easier way up. Boy how wrong I am.

I played the Qualification. I lost 14 of the 20 battles, without chance most of the time. My team melted between 1-10 and 3-10. Getting chevrons is really difficult.

And that leaves me f***ed up for the rest of the Ranked. With that losses, I only managed to do 50% performance, 7 bonus battles.

The bonus battle system is wrong. If you not a super unicum and the MM is against you in the qualification, it's can ruin the rest of the Ranked. The whole chevron system is awful, our progress depends on luck a lot. If MM is nice, I can fly trough, if not, I can struggle all day.

I'm far from being unicum, but I'm a good player (1700 WN8, 2k last 1000 battles). I can pull my weight and get chevrons or double chevrons, but if I fight for keeping my chevrons 3/4 of my battles, with a tiny chance to get one, it's impossible to progress. Now my Qualification is over, I can not even get better performance, for more bonus battles.

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