Ranked, or how I lost my virginity in a tank.

I'm fairly new to the game. I needed 487 battles and I mainly played a Leopard 1 (Have 0 reward tanks). I finished with only 54%, and even thought William Frampton would call me a disgrace to the community.. I am proud.

Random thoughts during ranked:

– Ebola will only get you this far, apparently holdin W really doesn't cut it in the end.
– I wish I had a chieftain..
– Wow, I thought I was good now I was having a recent WN8 that was considered unicum.
– I am nothing, I have no clue about this game. Tier 10 is very daunting and boring at the same time.
– At least I don't have to be ashamed I played Arty.
– Fuck Arty.
– Why is my entire team in one corner of the map?
– I need a smoke.
– Fuck I tried to play the game..
– Leo you absolute beauty.
– I hope bad things happen to arty.
– It's ridiculous how much chevrons a normal soul needs to get to 15.
– Oh great Airfield again, let's go kill ourselves.
– I kinda wanna show off my bronze badge… but I'm sure the community will call me shit. Oh wait I don't care KEKW

In the end; I better fucking hope this tier 9 is going to be worth it as I need to do this again in season 3.

Also..I wish this game was managed by a different company.


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