Rating Swedish Mediums, (New player on PC just giving my opinions to new people or people who want to try the line out, I’m not a pro or anything so our experiences with each individual tank might differ.)

Rating UDES 15/16 tank line from tier 6-10 and giving my opinion on whether its fun/ worth it. rated tanks all have top modules and etc. (Felt like making this bcs why not Xd not gonna be too detailed.)

Tier 6, Strv 74: 10/10 great tank, one of the best tier 6 tech tree tanks imo. (15 gun depression O.o)

Tier 7, Leo: 7/10 not a bad tank but it just didn't feel amazing, it's a fast tank but turns like a truck, the top gun is decent/ makes the tanks a lot better.

Tier 8, UDES 14 alt 5: 7/10 once again not a bad tank but i really didn't like the low alpha damage and the turret.

Tier 9, UDES 16: 8.5/10: lowkey a really fun tank, has a decent gun and a turret that can bounce some crazy shots, really mobile and overall not a bad tech tree tank.

Tier 10, UDES 15/16: 11/10 Having an amazing time with this tank so far, throughout my first 22 matches averaging 80%+ hit, 66%+ victory, 2.6k assisted/dealt damage. I honestly didn't think UDES 15/16 would be much better than UDES 16, but I was wrong, the tank is so much better. Great damage per hit (at least feels like your shots actually matter) , good/great dpm (got mine up to 3.5k) , good gun depression, great turret armor. Only thing that i might say is bad, is that the pen isn't sky high, unless you spam gold.

as a new player in world of tanks PC, i enjoyed Swedish medium tank line A LOT and the Tier 10 was definitely worth the grind (but I yet to try other great mediums like STB-1 or Russian meds.)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/kj4wdo/rating_swedish_mediums_new_player_on_pc_just/

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