Real Talk About Arty

Okay so I’ve been playing this game for probably 4-6 years on and off. I don’t have many games in Artillery at all. But with the missions I dabble in it sometimes when I want to try to work on getting that T-55a. But it is alarming how influential you can be as artillery. Lately it’s like I can have a monsterous 5-6k combined damage (which is good for me) in a top tier tank only to lose. And it seems like the better I do the more I lose. Yet while playing arty I would do like 1.5-2.5 combined and ended up winning 75% of my games this past week. It’s crazy how influential you can be in arty and I only play the M40/43 because that’s the only one I own. All you have to do is counter the enemy arty. Which is fucking cake most the time because they either don’t move or they wait till their shot lands and they can see damage to move. Once the enemy threat is out of the way I can feel free to blast the enemy for like 350-500 consistently every ~37 sec. I hate that it is this easy especially with the open maps. Seriously needs some sort of a rework. The stun mechanic is BS cause if you communicate with a teammate arty one of you can blast him and stun him so he uses the Medkit only for me to kill his gunner again about 4 seconds later. I know I will get hate for this post because arty really is a piece of shit. It’s easy as hell to play, easy to do well, all while never actually having to know how to play the game. The only time is feels good playing it is when I get to demolish a full health Ferrari as he yolos through my base camping heavies 3 min into the game. Also for the SU-130 and the Scorp I penned last night back to back deleting them from the server…. I’m sorry. Truly I’m sorry.


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