Reel #7 may give lore to why the Goliath didn’t make its return in Mirny: Hope

Spoilers regarding the Seventh Reel Incoming!

As many may know, the original set of base vehicles were the Cerberus (Centurion), the Hornet (Bat Chat) and the Goliath (M103), however, it seems WeeGee have dropped the Goliath in favor of the Double, a clone of the IS-3-II. maybe it was to utilize the double barrel gimmick, but they may have written the Goliath out of Mirny 13 altogether in "The Incident"! Let me explain…

"The Incident" as you may know was that clip in the trailer where we had visual footage of the Immortal. Or not, I'm pretty sure this is The Incident cuz Reel 8 Is immediately after the Incident, and they more or less discuss how to defeat the Immortal

For those that want to listen to the reels themselves, maybe unlock the reel (PSA: You can unlock all the reels in any order, you don't have to go from 1 to 8) before reading on

So Reel 7 takes place 4 hours prior to The Incident, and centers around Hope doing maintenance on the collectors, or something? It doesn't matter tbh, the real deal is what Hope says that definitely raises some red flags…

  • She mentions the collector in its current state is very volatile and may explode, then immediately backtracks on this statement, saying "THe risk is acceptable" and then deletes this on an unseen transcript
  • Mirium is very radioactive (which is prob why that terrible paywall system was in place last year, ugh) and that it will get more radioactive when more is collected. She then "supposes" the Goliath is radioactive resistant enough to protect the crew, tries to append a "it can do this, but" statement, then detracts this as well. Hope really throws the risk of failure out in the attempt to get more mirium, eh? She then just covers up what was previously mentioned and says "this is fine" lmao
  • Then who we can only assume is the Goliath commander confronts Hope, asks her what she's doing, and she tells him she's checking out the mirium collector stuff. Goliath dude is an absolute chad and says "lmao we got this, our definitely-not-mediocre-and-slow tank is perfectly fine… What? No camera? nah… we'll get that ready before we go"

Then the reel ends.>! Considering again that Reel 8 is immediately after the Incident!<, I am confident that the Goliath crew were overconfident and met their untimely demise in some way…

Now given that we have assumed that the Incident was a failure in the team fighting the Immortal, I have reasons to believe that they purposefully destroyed the Goliath off camera by means of "The Incident"… to replace it with an actually good and gimmicky Double.

I know some people dont really care about the lore, and only want free tonk and whatnot, but feel free to share your thoughts on this conclusion… Did the mirium collector explode and kill the crew, or was this the crew that took that one camera footage of the immortal that makes Hope go wild in the trailer… before the Immortal showed the Goliath who the real big boy was?


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